Tuesday, October 23

Finders Keepers Wrap Up!

Finders Keepers 12Finders Keepers 12Finders Keepers 12Finders Keepers 12Finders Keepers 12Finders Keepers 12Finders Keepers 12Finders Keepers 12Darren and IDarren Phew! What an epic weekend! Thank you everyone who came and said while Darren and I were at Finders Keepers. It was pretty tiring but still, superbly fun and what mattered most was I got to meet so many new readers, instagram followers and friends. It's always so nice when strangers come up and say hi(:

Thank you for coming, buying, tweeting, instagrammin and generally just sharing the handmadelove love all round. I was lucky enough to hang out next to such nice friendly neighbours, in particular the lovely BLANK folks! I met so many of my favourite designers and makers, people whom I admire and respect... The awesome lovely Harvest ladies, Cottage Industry Super star Penelope, Julia of Dagmar Rousset, Ben Wood, Beci Orpin, Anna Walker, Olga Bennett, Clever Miss Monolog...the list goes on. It's nice when such rockstars rock up and say hi. True rockstars indeed! (Ok. I'm trying very hard to be funny, but I don't think it's working)

I'd love to go on and tell you about all the other amazing makers at the market whom I got to meet and say hi to, but I am saving up my keyboard typing energy for this long and dreary uni research paper due Friday... So I'll just let the pictures below do the talking! Finders Keepers Melbourne 2012Peaches and KeenBLANKJen BoothWith Jen Booth!Emily GreenEmily GreenThe Super CoolSunday Morning DesignsSunday Morning DesignsFrankie MagazineCat RabbitCatherine CampbellAbby SeymourLauren CarneyBeneath The Sun
(In Order: Finders Keepers Table, Peaches & Keen, BLANK, Jen Booth, Emily Green, The Supercool, Sunday morning Designs, Frankie Magazine, Cat Rabbit, Catherine Campbell, Abby Seymour, Lauren Carney, Beneath The Sun)

For those of you were not able to make it but would love to get yourself something, you can still pop on over to my online shop. I don't have my ice cream softies online but feel free to drop me an email and we can arrange something. No problemo at all : ) Thanks once again! x


  1. I like you blog and the things that you share it. Thanks so much.


  2. nice photos! it was such a lovely market!

  3. I love the pictures of your wares. Nice stall set up. Thanks for sharing pics of some of my favourite ladies' stalls too...OMG Emily Green has polka dots! And look at the new Catherine Campbell work! And Cat Rabbit!!! I hope I get to come to Finders Keepers one day. Pity Perth is so far away. Fingers crossed.

  4. I cannot believe I missed this market, it looks awesome.
    Thanks for the pics.

  5. lovely photo roundup dawn! so much talent!!

  6. Aww thanks Dawn! It was lovely to hang out with you too! xx BLANK