Tuesday, May 8

Teaching Boys

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The reason why I've slowed down so much with blogging is mainly because I've been extremely busy the past couple of weeks. As part of my graduate teaching degree, I've been placed at an all boys school to teach. It has been such a learning journey and my goodness. Teaching boys! Hah! All I can say is, I was really terrified at first. I've never ever taught all boys before so I went in to the school all mentally prepared thinking: "I can do this... I can do this..Oh please, let me survive!" And phew! I have done it! And I am still alive! Teaching in this school where I'm at, has officially changed my opinions on teaching in an all boys school. All the boys have been nothing but sweet to me.

Over the past 5 weeks, I've been slowly building relationships with the boys. Now, they can't stop talking when they see me. They belt out songs with my name in it. They run after me and give me surprise hugs even though I say no hugging. They pop in to the art room every recess and lunch break to chat. They ask me all sorts of questions about Darren. They use lame pick up lines and awwww at everything I say. And they LOVE IT TO BITS when I take photos with them. I get showered everyday with "I love yous.. You're the best!... You're such a star.. we like you...You're so nice... can you stay..... PLEASSSEEEEE" The list is endless. The year 9s in particular, exhausted all their pick up lines today. Haha. " Oh Dawn! Is your instagram username Dawnstar? Cause you're such a superstar? " HAHA. Lame! But cute! They have like the worst pick up lines I tell you. It's hilarious! One boy told me today he treated a girl to water at Macdonalds and it worked! Oh boys. They're funny and they amuse me to no end. Thank goodness they are such multi-taskers though. They can actually paint and chat at the same time! Amazing.

This week is officially my last week at the school. I'm returning next week for 2 days but will not be teaching them. I am going to miss them oh so much!

I apologise for the quality of these photos. Didn't want to use my good camera! Especially when I know it'll be touched by lots of grubby fingers!


  1. Sounds like you had loads of fun, I'm studying art ed as well. I have a practical in november teaching years 5&6, which i'm excited/nervous about. what was your first time teaching like?

  2. You are amazing. I did some teaching when I was around your age and I found it terrifying. I really admire teachers and think it takes a special kind of person to take it on. You seem to be a natural.

  3. Thank goodness! I'm quite sure the boys in the All boys school here in Singapore aren't that adorable... haha. GLAD YOU ARE HAVING A GOOD TIME TEACHING!! :D :D :D

  4. Wow.. isn't great to be pushed to do something that you are a bit scared of and it turns out completely different to what you were expecting! How wonderful! Love those pick up lines... very cute! So glad you had such a great time!

  5. Art for boys and they enjoy it and like you, that's a win!
    I am sure you will be a brilliant art teacher (well I know that you are, but the formal qualifications will be a bonus), lucky students.
    Best wishes